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Changzhou WinSino Electron Co., Ltd workshop aspect workshop aspect workshop aspect none cable product lines none braiders none high speed braiders none part of injection workshop none a corner in WinSino none workers' dormitory none network analyzer none inkjet-print system none making shipment none part of warehouse    
Changzhou WinSino Electron Co., Ltd   workshop aspect   office area   wall of honor   cable product lines   braiders   high speed braiders   part of injection workshop   a corner in WinSino   workers' dormitory   network analyzer   inkjet-print system   making shipment   part of warehouse    

Changzhou Win Sino Electron Company Limited is situated in west suburb of Changzhou city,Jiangsu province, 150 kilometers away from Shanghai with two hours' route by express way.

With over ten years of professional experience in the field,it is an ISO-9001:2000 certified manufacturer specializing in making and exporting coaxial cable,speaker cable,telephone cable and relative cable sets. Owning the fixed assets of 3.6 million USD and covering an area of 38,000 square meters,its monthly capacity has reached 20 million meters of cables and 3 million units of cable sets that enables us to meet your volume demands.

Based on stringent QC system,our quality products with RoHS compliant have made our clients focused in European countries. Meanwhile we have always tended to custom-design the products,including structure,specification,packing and logo,tailored to your target price and requirements which has been attracting buyers from all over the world sourcing from us.

Thanks for your attention to our company,Win Sino welcome you.

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